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Amarok-style music player

Cuberok is a music player based on the popular Amarok application.

Cuberok allows you to listen to music stored locally on your hard disk plus with streaming services such as Magnatune and Jamendo. The program can automatically create playlists and organize your music collection based on style, artist, and the albums listed on the labels. It can also retrieve information about your favorite artists from the Internet.

I like the fact that Cuberok is extremely lightweight and integrates with sites such as, and those mentioned above. In the case of, it even downloads album covers and data, although it doesn't do this with the others. The overall look and feel of Cuberok is a bit flimsy and basic compared to big hitters such as iTunes. However, this is offset somewhat by how lightweight it is - surely one of the least intrusive music players out there.

If you're a big,, Magnatune or Jamendo user and also pine for an Amarok clone for Windows, you'll certainly be pleased with Cuberok.


  • Integration with etc
  • Creating playlists is easy
  • Very lightweight


  • Interface feels a bit flimsy and basic
  • Streaming can be hit and miss


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